An ever-expanding list.

The Joyful Vegan
Farmers Market
This is obviously the best place in town to get vegan food. I go to bed early on Friday night, no lie, because I'm so pumped about the market and whatever the JV has on offer. Everything they have is amazing. I am a sausage sizzle fanatic.

337-339 George St
The ambiance is so nice, and they have a lot of vegan options. I love their vegan breakfast - toast, hashbrown patties, spinach, mushrooms, fried tomato, with a balsamic reduction over top. I've also had their vegan pizza, and I once had this delicious pumpkin tofu wrap. I have yet to try their cinnamon buns.

4 Hanover
This is a Korean BBQ that has some vegan items on the menu - mostly appetizers - but they'll also veganize menu items if you ask. I would definitely recommend the Dolsot and the Bulgogi, normally meaty but the chefs will veganize them for you. Pickled vegetable condiments come with the meal. At dinner time, the meal comes with some delicious appetizers that they will make vegan too. The meals are about $20 each (you can check out the menu on their website) and definitely worth it.

Circadian Rhythm
72 St Andrew Street
I've had the deluxe dog, and it was excellent. Sometimes I just go in and get their pakora bread, which is bread filled with something delicious, battered, and deep fried. It's the natural conclusion of bread. I've also (obviously) had their $10 buffet at lunch.

Fluid Espresso
138 Union St E
Their tofu and harissa sandwich is just the thing. I often find myself "forgetting" my lunch at home so I can pick one up.

Tofu cart
Farmers Market
The marinated tofu is just my new favorite thing. I cannot get enough of it. Next time I will buy four packages. I haven't tried the steamed buns yet. Last time I was there they also had some sort of tofu jerky they were sampling, but they were all out by the time I arrived.

Taste Nature
131 High St
Groceries and cafe. I have yet to try the food in the cafe, but I can't walk by without getting a raspberry brownie. They have some excellent specialty items. The other day I found what was essentially vegan nutella. Needless to say, I ate it all with a spoon within one week.

Acorn Cafe
72 Albany St
Their soup seems to be always vegan, and it's been excellent when I've had it. They also have a falafel wrap, and some salads and other items. Falafel bores me to death, so I have not tried the wrap. They also have a vegan banana blueberry muffin (labelled egg and dairy free). It's vegan. They've posted the ingredients in the store, which I really appreciate.

97 Stuart St
They have a vegan menu, which is helpful, but I wouldn't say it's ambitious. I can't remember whether they have tofu. They do have a vegan date scone. It destroys all other vegan date scones I've eaten.

The Good Earth Cafe
765 Cumberland St
They seem to have at least one or two good vegan items on the menu. The other day. I had an amazing slice of vegan apricot, chocolate, and date cake. They warmed it up for me so the chocolate was melty. It was dreamy.

Formosa Delight
114 Albany St
Taiwanese food. They have a vegan menu. Lots of noodle soups.