I'm vegan, and I recently moved to Dunedin. I'm also a food fawner and enjoy the prospect of doing such a thing publicly and anonymously. However, I am also new to blogging, and definitely new to food blogging, which is the Wimbledon of blogging, or the Cadillac of blogging, or something like that - basically the most intense and stylized form of blogging. I apologize if you stumbled on this blog hoping for something of a greater quality. Please direct yourself to my blogroll.

I also don't have extensive information about vegan food in Dunedin, or even New Zealand. Sorry! But I have found that sometimes being new enables someone to see things that might escape the vision of those with established food habits and well worn reservoirs of food information. Also, as a new Dunedinite, I am very actively searching out vegan food and experimenting with vegan cooking, and keen to document it in some way. If you are a vegan who knows things I don't know, tell me! I will post it. Or I will let you post it, if there is such a mechanism on this thing.