Saturday, December 7, 2013

MELBOURNE - The Bear Cafe

439 Brunswick St
When we got there, we weren't sure whether everything was vegan. They have cheese on the menu, but it's vegan cheese! Hooray! You can also buy the cheese in the cafe. 

We got the big breakfast, featured directly below, and the mushroom and spinach breakfast dish. It was pretty darn good. It seems like toast with things on top is a very classic Melbourne breakfast. I'm cool with it, although sometimes it seems silly. When I was out with a friend at some point, I totally got toast and Vegemite. What was I thinking! I eat that all the time in Dunedin. What a wasted opportunity. These were good though. 

Their lunch menu, including some cheese laden toasties, looked really good. A follow-up, "Bear Cafe 2" might emerge in a day or two, all toastie  laden. 

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