Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I tried to make vegan macarons yesterday. It was my second, and last, attempt. I had such high hopes of solving the eternal vegan problem of baked meringue. I believe my carton of powdered egg replacers has a picture of pavlova on the front. I'm sure, "No Egg," you made a delicious, light, lush pavlova out of your egg replacers. Just like I made macarons that melted in your mouth, rather than violently gnashing about, the sugar having crystalized into tiny little knives. I bet those pavlovas eat like hollowed out hockey pucks.

I was going to post the beautiful outcome of hours of labor. All the recipes studied. The searching for various products all over Dunedin. The beating, sifting, restarting. All the moments of ingenuity. Just FYI, vinegar will not solve the vegan macaron problem, although it does make the batter monumentally more flavourful. But really, as an aside, Vinegar is so delicious. Mix some fancy vinegar and soda water, and you've got yourself half of a cocktail. Trust me.

Luckily, Fluid Espresso had a delicious vegan brownie today, so the dark stormy cloud of broken dreams has been momentarily lifted.

It had nuts and dried fruit in it.  Needless to say, there is chocolate all over my office, in my hair, and on my person.

It was accompanied by a tofu, hummus, and harissa sandwich, as per lunchtime custom.

Macarons be damned.

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